Requirement for Bank Account Application

(1) Director, shareholder or authorized signatories
(can be of any nationalities, except for some countries such as Iran, Iraq, Russia, etc., or some limited companies might be more difficult or unable to open up a bank account)
(a) If the company has two or more than two directors, at least two of them must be present at the bank interview for identify verification.
During the bank interview, above person must present with personal identification documents (HKI.D. card/ passport/transit pass/etc.) and residential proof.
(2) Documents required:
Prepared by us:
(1) Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
(2) Copy of Business Registration Certificate
(3) Copy of Articles of Association
(4) Copy of Incorporation Form (NC1) or Notification of Change of Secretary and Director (D2A)
(5) Copy of latest Annual Return (incorporated over one year)
(6) Share Transfer documents (if applicable)
(7) Bank Minute (provided by us or bank)
All of the above documents must be true copies certified by a certified public accountant.
For directors which are corporate entities, a separate set of documents (1) to (6) must be prepared in advance.
Prepared by the Company's Director:
(8) Identification documents (such as HKID card / passport / transit pass / etc.)
(9) Residential Proof (such as personal bank statements or telephone and utility bills, etc.)
(10) Business Proof (such as Agreements, Contracts or Business Plan, etc.)
(3) Bank Fee
A couple hundreds of Hong Kong Dollars will be charged by the bank upon opening of account. (several thousands for Offshore companies)
It is a one-time payment and directly credited from bank account.
(4) Types of bank account
(1) Current Account
(2) Saving Account
(3) Multi-currency Account (Most commonly opened)
For Letter of Credit account (making or receiving payments), a separate set of documents (1) to (6) must be prepared in advance and visit the bank head office in person.
(5) Initial Deposit
Depends on different bank policy and types of bank account opened.
(6) Other bank services
(1) Telephone banking
(2) Internet banking
If required, please specify during bank interview. A password will be given to activate the account.
(7) Duration
Hang Seng Bank or HSBC Bank : 7 to 10 days
Others : 2 to 4 weeks
Letter of credit account: 7 to 10 days after successful application of bank account

* We can assist and act as referral for the open of bank account free of charge for clients who incorporate their companies through us.