Information Required for Accounting and Auditing

  (1) Financial statements, including Profits & Loss statements, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance, etc.
  (2) General Ledger and General Journal
  (3) Invoices and receipts
  (4) Bank Statements
  (5) Contracts, Agreement, etc., such as Tenancy Agreement
  (6) Stock list as at financial year end
  (1) Bank Statements
  (2) Sales / Income Invoices
  (3) Purchases / Direct Costs invoices
  (4) Expenses receipts / invoices, such as travelling, water & electricity, entertainment, salaries etc.
  (5) Invoices for buying and selling fixed assets, such as properties, decoration, office equipments, etc.
Please note:  Please take good care of your bank statements as they are the essential documents for both accounting and auditing. It will cost about HK$50 per statement if re-order from the bank.