Incorporation of a Limited Company in Hong Kong


(i) Shareholders & Directors:
  (a)  Minimum of 1 shareholder and 1 director;
      could be the same natural person or limited company & at least 18 years old)
  (b)  The person can be of any nationalities.
  (c)  If director and shareholder is the same person, he could not be the company secretary
         Company Secretary could be provided by us
  (d)  Director(s) must be present in the Bank interview for new account application
  (e)  At least one director MUST be a natural person.
(ii) Duration for Incorporation:
(documents will be ready for signing within one day, and not require to sign in our office)
  (a)  Ready-made company: approximately 2-3 working days (List of Ready-made companies)
  (b)  Newly set-up company: approximately 7 working days
(iii) Information required: (Please complete the application form)
  (a)  English & Chinese (if any) name of the Company;
  (b)  Amount of issued capital and % of shareholding of each shareholder;
  (c)  Details of shareholder(s) and director(s), e.g.Name, Address, HKI.D. card/ Passport number;
  (d)  Registered Office Address
        - can be the same as residential address of shareholder or director;
        - must be situated in Hong Kong;
        - postal office box is not acceptable; and
  (e)  Copy of shareholder(s) and director(s) HKI.D. card / Passport.
  (f)  Copy of shareholder(s) and director(s) residential address proof.
(iv) Total set up fee:
  HK$6,080 for Package A, HK$5,200 for Package B and HK$6,300 for Ready-made Company, which includes first year's Business Registration fee of HK$2,250 and Government fee of HK$1,720. In addition, our first year's secretarial services are provided free of charge (including change of Registration Office Address, director, etc.)
  All set up fee is required to pay upon returning the signed original documents.
(v) After incorporation, the following will be provided for your record :
      Package A  Package B  Package C* 
(a)   Name Search Free Free Free
(b)   Certificate of Incorporation
(c)   Business Registration Certificate
(d)   A green box (Company Kit):
    (1) 1 Pocket Seal
    (2) 1 Statutory Book
    (3) 1 Share Certificate Book
    (4) Articles of Association 10 sets 3 sets only 10 sets
    (5) 1 Pre-Ink Chop
    (6) 1 Round Chop
    (7) 1 set Certified True Copies of company documents for bank account application
(e)   A plastic file :
- contain all signed and submitted incorporation documents
(f)   First year secretarial service Free Free Free
(g)   Duration 7 working days 5 working days 2-3 working days
(h)   Fee
HK$6,080 HK$5,200 HK$6,300
(i)   Provision for Registered Office Address (per year) +HK$1,200 +HK$1,200 +HK$1,200
(j)   E-filing (incorporation within 24 hours) +HK$1,000 +HK$1,000 N/A

(2) Procedures for Formation of a HK Limited Company

(3) HK Limited Company Annual Maintenance and Renewal